2021 Open Letter to Shareholder

11 January 2021

Dear Shareholders,

2020 was a year of difficult but productive decisions and actions for Cannabis Suisse Corp. Not only small businesses, but many public companies in our industry have struggled, but we are enthusiastic and clearly see new goals ahead. The Company plans to reach even greater heights in the new 2021, without stopping on the achievements of challenging 2020 with our dedicated team of professionals.


To differentiate itself from other cannabis-based companies, Cannabis Suisse Corp. has created some spectacular cannabis products, from helping its customers grow their own Cannabis plant to a revolutionary pure base CBD liquid to mix with any favorite e-liquid for vape devices.


During a global crisis the Company isn’t stopping to create new products. The booming cannabis industry hasn’t been stopped by the recent outbreak of the COVID, in fact many sources claim that the nature of our self-isolation has boosted the sales in the industry and CBD is helping people with their fears and anxiety.


A production of handmade, pre-rolled cannabis joints for the Swiss market was started in Spring 2020. The product is exclusively marketed in Switzerland, authorized by the prestigious brand RAW. The recreational product is filled with the finest strain of harlequin cannabis, handpicked from selected plants, grown at Cannabis Suisse’s own facilities. Wrapped in unbleached and unrefined natural paper, the joints give customers a unique smoking experience with a gourmet taste. Each step of the creation is prepared by masters.


The Company has introduced Cannabis Grow innovative service that allows customers from Europe to grow their own cannabis seedling in one of Cannabis Suisse's indoor farms located in Switzerland. This is an ethical, transparent and sustainable way to source the product containing essential CBD and EU sanctioned levels of THC - individually cultivated straight from the farm. Cannabis Suisse experts will monitor the entire cultivation process daily. At the moment, a customer can choose from 6 different cannabis strains that give different aroma, taste and experiences. This a great selection at launch and is going to be expanded and improved in the future.


Cannabis Suisse Corp. has signed a distribution agreement with Hanfpost GmbH, one of Swiss leading online sellers of cannabis products. The two-year agreement is aimed at building a long-term partnership. The cooperation is expected to bring continuous stable revenue from a wide selection of Cannabis Suisse' product lines, marketed under the Alpine Cannabis brand. These include premium smoking weed, pre-rolled joints, CBD oils and pure base liquid hemp.


And finally, Cannabis Suisse Corp. has announced online expansion plans including the launch of its own new retail brand Swiss4Life for CBD products in its online store on the Shopify platform. Creating an online store on Shopify will enable the Swiss Company gain a foothold not only in the US market but also expand the boundaries of its real trade, going beyond Europe. The Company guarantees the quality of the product line that appears under the new brand name Swiss4Life. The careful selection of a certified and experienced manufacturer from the United States is reinforced by independent laboratory studies of each SKU.


Cannabis Suisse Corp. remains fully reporting, and you can find all the information you are interested in for more detailed information on the SEC website. However, the most important thing is that this is only the beginning of the path and the Company is not going to stop there.

Cannabis Suisse’ priority is to constantly improve and increase the product lines. The Company does its best to meet expectations of its customers and become the first in Europe and beyond. Expectations are high because they should be. Cannabis Suisse Corp. is committed to exceeding those expectations every day. There is still much to be done. CBD industry is changing radically and rapidly. The Company looks forward to its shareholders continued support and encouragement on this journey. Cannabis Suisse Corp. emphasizes that the goal of maximizing shareholder value continues to be one of the primary focus of all the Company’s activities.

By investing in the purchase of CSUI shares, you invest to your future and the development of progressive medicine and the legalization of safe CBD.


Alain Parrik
The COO of Cannabis Suisse Corp.