Cannabis Suisse Corp. to Design a New IT Product "Cannabis Life" Based on Artificial Intelligence

DIETIKON, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / November 12, 2021 / Cannabis Suisse Corp. (OTC PINK:CSUI), a Nevada incorporated distribution company exercising AI-powered cannabis industry, presents innovative ideas for the future Cannabis Life app. Using its IT product, the company aims to spread knowledge and information about cannabis to improve human living conditions.

The cannabis industry has expanded rapidly in recent years as many countries make their drug laws less harsh. Cannabis is likely to experience growing demand in the next few years. Therefore, Al technology must be in the spotlight of the cannabis distributing companies.

Artificial intelligence stands at the core of the development of nearly every industry. The cannabis industry is becoming more popular as well. It is an inevitable path of development. Its use will make life easier for everyone, including both manufacturers and customers. Al applies as a useful tool for the long-term success of the cannabis industry.

For example, a user might not be aware of a cannabis-based product that would work best for their specific needs or condition. Al can analyze existing data from research and peer-reviewed journals to compare strains to symptoms and diseases. Due to this analysis, a user can receive a recommendation on the product. It may start their acquaintance with the product to improve their condition. Producers also use artificial intelligence to monitor conditions such as plant temperatures and prevent crop failures: some of the processes are almost fully automated. These examples prove that artificial intelligence is enriching the cannabis user experience.

We set an ambitious goal of becoming the leading cannabis platform for our new project Cannabis Life. We are interested in the industry and want to help users access the cannabis knowledge base so they always have the most up-to-date information. The application will collect and structure databases on individual cannabis strains, products, brands, news, and medical research of cannabis. We believe that our users should have access to objective and scientific information to form their own opinion about this industry, says Alain Parrik, COO of the company.

AI also describes computer programs and technologies that can imitate human intelligence. The team working on the project plans to implement the AI chatbot consulting. The goal is to give an impression of real-life communication, which will encourage users' additional immersion in the learning process.

Cannabis Life will be the best innovative AI solution for those who are interested in the cannabis industry and want to get as much information as possible.


Cannabis Suisse Corp. is a public US Company incorporated in Nevada. The Company operates in the field of distribution of recreational cannabis products and CBD oils. Cannabis Suisse Corp. currently sells via a distribution network of retailers and online shops, under the retail brand Swiss4Life. Swiss4Life products are made of USA hemp only and contain no THC, GMO or Gluten. They have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not designated for medical use. However, all the products available are manufactured by FDA Registered Entities and tested by independent third-party laboratories. Cannabis Suisse Corp's products are laboratory tested to ensure the end-users have access to a standardized, safe, and consistent product. Cannabis Suisse Corp. has initiated development of a new IT product called Cannabis Life. It is a mobile application based on an AI-chatbot that will have access to the most up-to-date information and find out data about companies and brands that sell seeds, cannabis types, etc.

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