Cannabis Suisse Corp. Expansion Plans for Online Sales, Adding to CBD product lines with New Hemp Brands

Company plans to expand online sales with retail giant, Amazon

DIETIKON, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / September 21, 2020 / Cannabis Suisse Corp. (OTC:CSUI), a fully licensed Swiss cannabis cultivation and distribution company for recreational tobacco products and medical CBD oils, announces online expansion plans including the upcoming launch of a new brand on Amazon.

Сannabis Suisse Corp. is developing its own line of products including hemp oil, hemp protein, hemp gummies and hemp hearts with all the appropriate certificates and licenses for sale on Amazon.

This news follows a recent announcement for online distribution of its cannabis and CBD products with uWeed from their retail outlets and online store (

The expansion into online sales of hemp gives the company headquartered in Switzerland, wider access and inroads into the US markets and the legal environment for CBD products evolves.

Mr. Alain Parrik, COO & Director said, " Amazon, is an important distribution outlet for us as we ramp up for expansion across multiple online retail platforms. Introducing a new line of hemp products paves the wave for additional products in the future."

Cannabis Suisse Corp. will be in compliance with Amazon rules and respects their position that CBD is currently banned on Amazon but hemp products are not.

The Company, as a registered manufacturer of both products, will continue to use flowers with the highest concentration of CBD. For the new Amazon product line, oil will be squeezed from the seeds allowing Cannabis Suisse to use the whole plant in its production and benefit from it.


Cannabis Suisse Corp. is a fully licensed cannabis cultivation and distribution company in Switzerland for recreational tobacco products and medical CBD oils. The Company's facilities for producing cannabis are based in Dietikon, Switzerland, and contain the art surveillance equipment to enable an around the clock webcast. Cannabis Suisse grows high quality, organic cannabis with sustainable, all-natural principles. The Company's products are laboratory tested to ensure the end-users have access to a standardized, safe, and consistent product. Cannabis Suisse proprietary trademarked MoldStandard is a quantitative microbiology method for analyzing yeast and mold counts in harvested cannabis plants. Cannabis Suisse proprietary trademarked CannaMec is a method for quantifying and removing residual solvents during packaging and storage of CBD products. Cannabis Suisse Corp. currently sells via a distribiss4Lifeution network of Swiss retailers and online shops, under the retail brand Alpine Cannabis.

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