Cannabis Suisse Corp. announces its decision to work with ACS Laboratory to test its first shipment of Swiss4Life products

DIETIKON, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / December 2, 2020 / Cannabis Suisse Corp. (OTC PINK:CSUI), a Nevada incorporated distribution company for recreational cannabis products and CBD oils, announces its decision to work with ACS Laboratory as a CBD laboratory for testing its new product line created for the upcoming launch on Shopify.

This news follows a recent announcement on the decision to choose ShipBob as a fulfillment center for the first shipment of the new Swiss4Life CBD brand, created for the launch of an online store on Shopify platform. Now that the goods have been received by the fulfillment center and are being processed, the Company can start confirming the quality of each item from the current batch. It was decided to send samples of products to ACS laboratory to obtain СOA proving the quality of the new brand name CBD oils to the potential customers.

ACS Laboratory testing services are of Medical Quality and can be considered to be consistent and reliable. All the results are of the highest-grade accuracy. ACS has passed Third Party Laboratory Certification and is ISO17025 and CLIA Accredited, PJLA Certified, DEA Registered Laboratory #RA0571996.

Alain Parrik, the COO of the Company notes, "As we always mention, the new Swiss4Life brand concept is based on the Company's mission to improve the quality of life of its customers by providing them with high-grade CBD products. And we have to prove our words providing our clients with the maximum transparency. ACS laboratory was awarded twenty-one Emerald Test Badges for cannabis testing facilities, establishing ACS as an industry benchmark for accuracy, consistency, and proficiency in testing results. All our end consumers must be sure they receive not only safe and non-intoxicating product but the really get the CBD they pay for. The reliable third-party independent laboratory compliance testing is vital to any operating cannabis business".


Cannabis Suisse Corp. is a public US Company incorporated in Nevada state. The Company operates in the field of distribution of recreational cannabis products and CBD oils. Cannabis Suisse Corp. currently sells via a distribution network of retailers and online shops, under the retail brand Swiss4Life. Swiss4Life products are made of USA hemp only and contain no THC, GMO or Gluten. They have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not designated for medical use. However, all the products available are manufactured by FDA Registered Entities and tested by independent third-party laboratories. Cannabis Suisse Corp's products are laboratory tested to ensure the end-users have access to a standardized, safe, and consistent product.


ACS Laboratory is the leading provider of Cannabis and HEMP/CBD laboratory testing services in Florida. Founded in 2008, the ISO17025, AHCA and CLIA Accredited Laboratory is also DEA registered and uses state-of-the-art ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC/MSMS, GC/MS and ICP/MS) technology. In their 17,500 sq ft state of the art facility outside of TAMPA, FL they test for Potency in Biomass, Flower, Trim, Extracts, Crude Oil, Isolates, Distillates, Edibles, Manufactured and Complex products like Patches, Aerosols and Nano Water. ACS tests for 17 different cannabinoids, terpenes, residual solvents, pesticides, moisture, water activity microbiology including mold, mildew, e.coli, pathogens, mycotoxins, plant regulators, heavy metals, flavonoids, micronutrients and bioanalysis for pharmacokinetics (PK) study of THC.

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